Hygienist Services


Hygienist Services

A visit to the dental hygienist is a critical part of caring for your smile.

Prevention of dental decay is always better than treatment, it all starts with good dental hygiene.

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What is a Dental Hygienist?

Your dental hygienist provides you with vital preventative care and helping you stay healthy.

A dental hygienist will have spent 2 or more years at university studying dentistry, with a specific interest in Oral Health, Prevention and the Treatment of Gum Disease. They can also advise you on the basics of a lifestyle that supports good dental health.

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Why choose Hygienist Services?

  • Avoid the dentist
  • Gum health
  • Banish bad breath
  • Improve your smile

Frequently Asked Questions

EDUCATION is the number one role of a dental hygienist.

The Hygienist will be able to inform you of your specific oral health issues and tailor the treatment to match your individual needs.

Anyone can have their teeth professionally cleaned regularly, but without the valuable information the hygienist imparts and the patient taking steps to follow this advice nothing will ultimately change.

A hygienist will ASSESS GUM HEALTH by gently probing your gums and informing you of the results. These readings will be taken regularly and the hygienist will inform you of any changes.

TREATMENT OF GINGIVITIS: Gingivitis is inflammation of the gums, caused by plaque bacteria left on the teeth and gums.

TREATMENT OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE: When the bacteria (plaque) has reached the ligament that holds the tooth in place compromising the stability of the tooth or teeth.

The dentist can do this work but dentists are also highly skilled in other areas of dentistry. A hygienist is specifically trained for this work. By using a team work approach we feel this frees up your dentist to be able to spend more time with you when needed.

Hygiene treatment hasn’t always had the best reputation for comfort, cold water… scrapping teeth…. horrible noises, all things we think of when we think of dental hygiene.

Well, hopefully, no more, here at Park Street Dental we have invested in the EMS Airflow System. This is an innovative device that projects a controlled stream of air, medicinal fine powder and water that is brought up to body temperature onto teeth, gums and hard-to-reach areas to disrupt the biofilm that ultimately causes gum disease. The EMS delivers the most technologically advanced and finest of powders at a controlled rate so is a minimally invasive and comfortable treatment

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